Michael Morgenstern, MD
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Michael Morgenstern, MD

About the author: Dr. Michael Morgenstern is double board certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine and the founder of the American Sleep Apnea Society. He is the Director of the Morgenstern Medical in Lake Success, NY, where he treats patients with sleep disorders and other neurological conditions.
Michael Morgenstern, MD
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Amazon Smile

amazon smileAt Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.com) you can support the American Sleep Apnea Society.  By selecting the American Sleep Apnea Society and then continuing to make purchases at smile.amazon.com you can benefit our organization whenever you make purchases through Amazon. Amazon will donate a percentage of proceeds from items purchased. It won’t cost you anything. Your shopping experience will be exactly the same.  Supporting the American Sleep Apnea Society will be a bonus.

How Amazon Smile works

AmazonSmile is easy and automatic. Start at smile.amazon.com, then continuing shopping. First you need to select a charity to support (we hope you will choose the American Sleep Apnea Society). Then whenever you shop start at smile.amazon.com.  All you need to do to continue your support is to begin your shopping at smile.amazon.com. If you forget at start at Amazon.com it won’t work. Bookmarking the site to start at smile.amazon.com might be a good idea.

Are prices of products the same?

Yes. It is the exact same experience as on amazon.com. Everything purchased through Amazon Smile has the same price as on Amazon.com. The only difference is your charity benefits.

Is a new Amazon account needed?

No, you use your amazon account. Your Amazon Smile and Amazon.com acounts are the same. All of the account settings also remain the same including wish lists, baby or wedding registries.

Choosing charities for Amazon Smile

Public charities that are registered with the IRS as 501(c)(3), like the American Sleep Apnea Society are eligible to be part of smile.amazon.com. You can support one charity at a time. If you wish to change your charity,  go to “your account” and select “change your charity.” Purchases made afterwards will go to your recently selected charity.

Which products are eligible

Millions of products are eligible. Eligible products say “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on the product’s detail page. After making a purchase you will also see can see a message that you just supported your charity using Amazon Smile.

How much does the charity receive?

Organizations will receive 0.5% from the purchase price on eligible products.

Tax deduction?

No. Because the donation is coming from Amazon Smile, you can not receive any tax deductions for using Amazon Smile to benefit your charity.

About the author: Dr. Michael Morgenstern is a board certified Neurologist, expert in Sleep Medicine and  founder of the American Sleep Apnea Society. He is Director of the Cedarhurst Sleep Center in Long Island, New York and also sees patients with neurologic conditions.